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Full Day Excursion to Bishnupur

Full Day Excursion to Bishnupur

Full Day Excursion to Bishnupur

Rate : Available On request (minimum 2 pax).
Includes: Car (Air-conditioned), Guide, Entry Fees
Does not include: tipping at monuments and food 
Tour Duration : 12 hours

Start Time : 7.00 am



You will be picked up from the hotel lobby.  And 3 and half hour drive for Bishnupur will start. One you reach Bishnupur, the tour will start.

Rashmancha :  Rasmancha was built in 1600AD by Bir Hambir. At that time the Rasa festival was used to celebrate there. This is probably the only Indian structure which contains two distinct art combined together. The center is built like a pyramid and the surrounding corridors are built in the shape of lotus bud. It is a very nicely built structure whose plinth is made with stones and the superstructure is built in burnt bricks. This rasa mancha is a very nice square shaped structure. Rasmancha is believed to be the oldest pyramidal tower shaped, brick temple.  This temple is surrounded by turrets, in the shape of huts which was an idea of King Bir Himbira in 17th century. The Rasmancha was built in a way to accommodate the deities that people brought during the festivals. This structure is showcased nowadays by illuminating  at night.

JoreBangla Temple : The Jorbangla temple was built in 1655 AD by King Raghunath Singha dev II. The roof and walls of the temple represent the  classical Chala style. Some of the finest works of terracotta are found on the walls of this temple. Rooms and walls are set with a number of terracotta panels. Some of the carved designs of the Royal lifestyles, stories depicting the epics, historical scenes from the battles, etc are   found  on the walls and on the roof of the temple.

Radha Shyam Temple : The Radhashyam temple in Bishnupur is known for the terracotta style of architecture. This temple was built during the reign of King Chaitanya Singha during the mid of 1750s. The temple structure has a curved roof with a single tower that crowns the square structure of the building. Lord Krishna is the deity that is revered in this temple.

Dal Madol : The cannon named as Dal Madol was built by the Malla kings to fight the Maratha invasion.  This Cannon is near Chinomasta temple and is significant for the people of Bishnupur as well as Bengal. The cannon measures about 3.8 m in length and has a barrel of 28.5 cms.  It was built in the year 1742 under Raja Gopal Singh to protect Bishnupur  from Marathas. The Cannon is built with iron materials and doesn’t have any rust, though it is exposed to rain and sun since 18th century.

Stone Gateways: Short distances away from the Mrinmoyee Temple are the two stone gateways. The larger of the two gateways is known as the Pathar Darwaja (Stone Door) as it is built of laterite stone. This gate once served as the northern entrance of the Royal residence and was built in the second half of the 17th century by Maharaja Bir Singha. The double storied gate accommodated troops and narrow slits allowed the archers and the gunmen to fire their shots. A few yards away is a small stone gateway, which was built in the same period. Although much smaller in magnitude the small but elegant structure still reminds one of the glorious days of Bishnupur.


Please Note

Monuments may lead to undeclared closure due to various reasons. Such closures are not informed in advance. Guests need to bear with such incidents. Please keep your belongings under your close supervision. HotelTravelia / Its partners/ Its employees / Tour Guide cannot be hold responsible for any lost of belonging/s.

 FORCE MAJEURE: If the tour becomes impossible to be performed by either party due to acts of God, war, government regulations, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities or other emergencies making it illegal or impossible to provide the facilities or to continue the tour, this tour may be terminated for any one or more of such reasons by written notice from one party to the other provided that the reason for said termination is in effect in destination of tour or the immediate surrounding area and is in effect.

Any transaction falling under this agreement shall be subject to the existing laws, rules and regulations of governments, semi-governmental bodies and/or other Government agencies of India. The parties hereto agree to amicably settle any disputes arising out of this agreement. Should this not be possible, disputes shall be arbitrated by and in accordance with the Indian Laws.

All disputes to be addressed in courts of Kolkata.

Payment & Confirmation

The confirmation is subject to 100% payment

Confirmation will be issued once full payment is received


Cancellation Policy

Guest can cancel 72 hours prior to the start of journey

If guest cancels after the above time frame, no refunds will be made